Need help with windows for master bedroom

annab6January 8, 2007

We are planning an addition which includes a master bedroom/bathroom/wic. The master bedroom is not large, 15'8" long and 14'6" wide. Having a major difficulty with deciding what the right size and placement of windows should be. Our architect (a very nice guy otherwise) unfortunately is not a big help when it comes to interior design. Please comment if you have any opinion. It would also be wonderful if someone posted a photo showing something similar to our situation.

We currently have the large, 9-feet window on the side drawn with a circle top over the center. This window can be a picture window and two dowble-hungs, three double-hungs, casements or whatever. Same with the windows on the back wall which will be flanking the bed. We want to have at least six feet between these two windows so that there is a few inches between the bed and the window trim. Currenlty we have them all 3 feet wide double-hung.

Now the problem: We are not sure this this wouldn't be too many windows for a bedroom like this. I generally love large windows but afraid it will not look good in this room.

Should we make them narrower (2.5 feet for the back windows and then 2x2.5 and 4 feet picture on the side)? In that case they would have to be casements to satisfy the egress window requirements.

Another option would be reducing 9 feet to 6 feet.

Please comment.



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