Need Help Designing Layout of Master Bath

tlf21January 17, 2010

We are in need of help designing the layout of our master bathroom in our new home. I have attached a copy of the layout our designer provided, for the sake of time we accepted the layout knowing that we would change it prior to construction of the home. I appreciate any comments:

Image link:

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My comment has nothing to do with layout per se, but would you consider not making a separate compartment for the toilet? I have never seen one I liked. :-) Actually, I feel like I've been sent to "time out" or something. The compartments always seem too small, and at least for me, my husband and I are not using the bath at the same time often enough for it to be an issue of privacy, if that is the concern. Knee walls work just as well, imho.

I will look at the layout, too. Do you have any immediate likes or dislikes about it?

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hi there. overall it looks like it will be a beautiful bathroom! i agree with the previous poster that toilet compartments aren't for us. we have a kneewall and it works just fine for us but to each his own. :)

there are 2 other comments i'd make.

1) we have a giant walk-in shower with a bench that's all done in tile (floor, walls, bench, and ceiling) and it's ridiculously hard to keep it clean. it needs to be re-caulked every 6 months or so (as ours is on an exterior wall in a cold winter climate - i see yours is interior so no problem there), and i always feel cold despite 2 shower heads covering me with water. the warmth of the shower isn't contained because the space is so large. if you've had a big shower like this before and like it, just ignore these comments. :)

2) one thing i really miss in our master bath is a nice place to sit and primp. i have a large walk-in closet as well, and put a seat, little shelf, and mirror in there, but the lighting is terrible with no natural light. you have so much space that i'd suggest a place for a low vanity for sitting and styling hair and putting on makeup. (or standing and putting on makeup).

maybe there's a nugget of something helpful in these ramblings?

good luck!

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