Vent- I hate verizon!!!!

lishaanaNovember 29, 2007

Well, I'm on day 5 of waiting for verizon to come by and hook up our phone service. It's a new construction house so I have to be there to let them in so they can set up the service box. They give you 9 hour "windows" when they can come and I'm stuck in an empty house w/ no furniture, TV, internet access or phone. I was supposed to be packing for our move next week. NOw I have to pack the whole house in a weekend with 2 screaming kids(I wasted my free days when DD was in school this week)

What angers me the most is that the installers arbitrarily decide that they "can't fit you in" on a particular day and neglect to call you. So you're stuck waiting and waiting for NOTHING.

We've been up the phone chain of command and all we get is the same old run-around of how their sorry and that we would definitely be hooked up the next morning. It is a bunch of BS. We finally got through to a supervisor today that actually called the foreman in that area and found out they weren't planning on coming by(despite the fact that we are supposedly in the highest priority category).

I am so peeved right now. Verizon has a monopoly on the land lines and doesn't care how they treat you .

Thanks for letting me vent. We just closed on our house and i'll be able to post pics once we're settled. I've gained a lot of info from this forum

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As amazing as it sounds some people LOVE their phone company.

Here is a link that might be useful: Somewhere out there...

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It's probably too late for you but you'd be amazed at how responsive Verizon can get when you file a brief, factual, articulate complaint with the Public Service Commission. And they have a convenient website where you can file it 24/7. Of course I'm sure the PSC is in bed with a lot of utilities but their website has an eye opening listing of complaints and resolutions.

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