Is there a computer genius in house? Win xp 7??

ilmbgOctober 27, 2007

I was shown yesterday how to alphabetize my 'favorites'. I guess I wasn't paying close attention.. I CAN"T DO IT NOW!! Blond? Not! Airhead? Yep. I have asked on a computer forum, they say right click on any favorite, then click on 'sort by name'. When I do this, 'sort by name does not come up. You see, I don't wait very well.. I want the answer NOW! Besides- this is making me nuts. I don't want to have to wait until Monday, when the computer server/office opens! Help please! Thank you.

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Open IE, in the top menu bar to the right of view; click Favorites. While pointing the mouse to the 1st name listed, right click & then select sort by name near the bottom of the drop down window.

What I usually do is make folders in the "Links" entry for my favorite sites. I have a folder for Computer, Forums, House. My most used links go there. I set IE & Firefox to either open with about 10 different sites or one browser I used in XP called Crazy Browser had an option to load the last open tabs. I'm on Vista now and haven't loaded Crazy Browser on it yet. Boy do I miss it.

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