Anyone use Urban Decay besides me?

stargazer_1118August 3, 2004

Along with Smashbox, I love Urban decay makeup. I have 3 of their liquid mettallic eyeliner which lasts all day AND all night (even overnight if you forget to take it off.) Anyone else use this line? What is your fav product?

Their new flavored body shimmer powders are to DIE for (almost-LOL)

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I love Urban Decay liquid liner. The colors are so pretty and they last all day. I looked all over for colored liquid liner and all I could find was black or brown. I tried pencils of all sorts but it hurt to rub a pencil on my eyelids and the line was never thin and visable enough. I use the teal and blue colored Urban Decay liquid liners. What a terrible name, though, for a really pretty cosmetic!

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Agreed, worst makeup name ever!!

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I've only used one of their products, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it -- Potion Primer. Eyeshadow primer that really does keep your eyeshadow from creasing. You just put it on, then go over with face powder or beige eyeshadow to set it. this step also keeps is from "grabbing" your eyeshadow and making it look splotchy. Then apply your eyeshadow. I've got the oiliest skin and this is the first product i've found that really works.

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LOVE Urban Decay. Try TJ Maxx or Marshalls for that flavored body powder. They had it there, they also had a Cosmo shimmer cream. They have glitter liners and I got a palette there for about $6. Not too shabby. I just ordered the liquid liner in smog from Sephora. I want Flipside shadow next.
Sign up for their Twitter & they'll alert you to codes. They just had a 30% off the entire site. DOn't know when the next one is.

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