Young Looking at 41!

nan03August 8, 2006

I know some people would not think of this as a problem in this youth-obsessed world. I am 41 yrs old and look extremely young for my age that it is almost embarassing when I tell people my age. In fact, I got proofed for a drink recently at a concert. I think I dress appropriate for my age but I am petite which just adds to the "youth" look!! Any tips would be appreciated.

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I can't believe this is really a huge problem for you! But, if you are really concerned with looking more "serious" here goes. Don't shop in the Junior Department, head for the Petite Department. Buy more tailored, structured clothes as opposed to cotton jersey tops, etc. If you wear long hair, don't wear it in a ponytail or cut it to shoulder or just below shoulder length. I can't think of anything else right now.

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Lucky Nan..age will grab you soon enough. I'm 46 and would die to be asked for my ID. Go with it and enjoy, it won't last forever. Signed GREEN WITH ENVY!!!

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You are joking ,right? Girl, enjoy your luck and don't complain about looking young - or before you know it the "Wrinkle Goddess" will say - "hey, we forget her!" LOL

I don't look 51 and love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't look my age either and I love looking young for my complaints here! Enjoy it whilst you can! :)


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I like to tell people that I'm 10 yrs OLDER than I am, that way they think I look so good for my age! So far, this works for me. hahaha!

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Shaun, you and my mother! ROFL!

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