Do I really have Showerguard?

sophierexJanuary 16, 2014

Our new shower glass was installed about 6 weeks ago by the glass man our contractor normally uses. The product he generally uses is Enduroshield but I told him I wanted Showerguard and he said he could get it. He gave us quotes for both with the Showerguard being about $200 higher. Now that it's in, I'm starting to wonder if I really got Showerguard. We towel dry or squigee every other day but I am seeing water marks. The receipt did not note Showerguard and I got no paperwork about their guarantee. Is there any way, such as a mark on the glass, to figure out if I have Showerguard or not?

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Unfortunately the only way to tell for certain is with a meter that is made specifically for testing the glass for Showerguard. This meter is manufactured for Guardian and costs if I am not mistaken in the $450-500 range. I would call Guardian in reference to this issue but if the receipt does not specifically say Showerguard you very well may not have gotten Showerguard.

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There is supposed to be a label that is on the glass when it arrives to ensure it's showerguard. you use that label to register the showerguard online. we're having it for our showerglass and that's what our installer told us.

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Ours came with a label on it.

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