Dark Underarms

sameboatAugust 12, 2012

My armpits are darker than the rest of my skin. I am fairly fair everywhere else, so it's disturbing to me. I've noticed other girls with dark hair have armpits like the inside of their elbows. Mine are always stubbly and the skin also looks grayish. It's summertime so I don't think I can grow out the hair long enough to wax it. Plus I think the skin would remain gray anyway. I've tried scrubbing with a facecloth hard, which leaves them gray and red. I've tried lightly "sanding" with a pumice, which leaves them gray and red and painful. This morning I tried Jolen creme bleach, and after the 10 minutes my arms are still gray and the stubble color didn't even change. So I did it again and no change whatsoever! I just want to feel and look clean like everyone else at the pool and not feel self-conscious about my underarms. Are there any miracles out there? I also have dark skin around and under my eyes, which in photos always looks like I have dark gray eyeshadow on like a raccoon. What gives?

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Hi! Some of this could be genetic since you have dark skin around your eyes. But do try some of these remedies (even the ones that sound silly).
Don't abrade yourself (scrub til you bleed); you'll just make the skin darker.
You'll probably need to try waxing for next year because for most of us, it's the stubble that lies just below where we shave or where a depilatory goes that darkens the skin.
Note: the chemicals in many deodorants darken your skin so you may want to try a natural deoradorant - powders or rub baking soda and water onto your underarms, let dry, then brush off.
To remove dark skin, use the baking soda and water in a paste; this will often lighten the skin.
Crazy though it sounds, rub a potato onto your underarms. Potatoes have a natural bleaching agent in them. Rub the potato or mash up some raw potato and leave it on your underarms for at least 15 minutes. This should lighten the skin.
Lemon is another natural bleach that can be used (none of these is going to work the first time you use it. Give them a few days).
Be sure to clean under your arms since built up dirt can be hard to remove (although this does not sound like your problem).
Finally, you may want to talk to your doctor if none of these remedies work at all. Why? Because the darker pigmentation could be caused by diabetes or by other hormonal changes (don't mean to scare you, but it's worth checking out).
Good luck,

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Thank you Donnachloe I do have an appt with a dermatologist (general appt) the end of the month. I'll even give the potatoes a try! :)

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You are very welcome! I hope that something works for you!

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i agree with it above.

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Dermatologist was absolutely no help. Said it was hereditary. Hmmm sisters don't have it... I am willing to bet if I was a model or movie star she'd have a solution for me quick enough.

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Are you diabetic by any chance? Diabetes will sometimes cause this skin discoloration, usually under arms or around the neck area. If you don't know, it maybe worth checking your sugar levels. Good luck!

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hmmmm I never heard that before. I don't think I am but due for a checkup. Will ask my primary care physician. Thank you.

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I agree with Donnachloe and goldeneyedaisy. Dark armpits can be something called Acanthosis Nigricans, and according to some fairly reliable websites, like the Mayo Clinic and WebMD, it can be a sign of high insulin (or other illnesses). Best to get it check out by your family doctor.

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OMG that is what it looks like! :( But I've never had anything wrong with my cbc's when tested...

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