Antique Pottery - Or are they?

letsgodivingAugust 26, 2008

Does anyone know what kind of pots these are, and if they are antique? I do not know how to publish the photos, but have added a link on the bottom of the page for you to review. Thankyou for your help.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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They are salt-glazed and my gut feeling is that they are new. Any maker's marks on them anywhere?


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What is a makers mark, and where would I look for it.

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Because of the value and popularity of old salt glazed potterry, there are many reproductions. The best I have found are from the Williamsburg Pottery.
These are new and don't look like serious reproductions to me.
Just salt glazed pots, decorated in the old style.
Pretty, but new.
Linda C

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The normal pottery from china don't have value as a antique, collectors only looking for those high quality pottery specially for royal family.

I bought this secondhand hotel lamp at RM250, nice but not antique.

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Your crocks are not antique American stoneware.

I'm posting a link to Bruce Waasdorp's upcoming stoneware auction because I know this company having purchased from them many times. You can browse around & see how different early American salt-glazed stoneware looks compared to yours.

Some names to watch for are Norton, Crolius, and/or Charlestown (Carpenter). There are many makers. Not all stoneware is marked. In general, decoration may supercede age & maker in determining value. But, as with most everything...not always. For instance, a 1798 Crolius ovoid jar with incised cobalt swag & tassle decoration 'might' bring less than a mid-18th century Norton 2 ga. crock decorated with a cobalt deer & trees assuming condition is similar with both pieces. Stoneware collectors vary a lot in what they're looking it's impossible to say for certain, "this piece will appreciate more than that piece". All-in-all, American stoneware has held its own quite well thru this general downturn in antiques. The 'peak' was in the mid-90's. A highly collectable Norton cobalt peacock will still bring well into the five figures.


Here is a link that might be useful: Early American Stoneware Auction

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hi i am betty baker from jackson mississippi. when my dad and mon past away thay had this pottery. my sister has it now.we would like to know if we can get something for it.thank you betty baker

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hi i sent you message and i have not heard from you please let me know something.

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Betty....this is a board....not a "
From the information you gave, no pictures no description no opinion can be given.

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