arizonaroseAugust 29, 2012

I just purchased a pr of coach high top sneakers. I think they are soooo cute! I go to the gym 3 days a week, and plan to wear them for working out. Very comfortable!

Do you folks think they are stylish of dorky? I may end up wearing them with jeans out and about. Being in Arizona it's a little too warm still, but when the weather cools.

Do any of you wear high tops? I haven't seen anyone around here wearing them, but's still awfully warm here.

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I like them, they look nice with narrow leg pants or skinny jeans.

I don't think it's an athletic shoe as far as working out goes though, you might want to get a better padded and supportive shoe geared to working out.

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I associate hi-tops with skate boarders and teen boys. They aren't athletic, so I wouldn't wear them to a gym, but if you are a label person I would stick with wearing them with a longer pair of jeans.

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Thank you both for your replys!

mitchdesj, you are absolutely right about the excercize. I'm sticking with my sketchers for that. I do like the high tops tho...just for everyday.

gogwmos, I'm not really a *label* person, but these are so cute. definitely to be worn with jeans...not capris or anything above the ankle.

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arose, I also bought some high tops to wear as little boots in early winter,
they are Michael Kors.

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i think: "you looks cool when you wear a pair of high tops". mitchdesj's suggestion for mixing them are reasonable and you can try. i see some wear like that

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Yup...I've decided they are very cool ( uptown...ya know )
I got another pair , silver with zippers up the back, to wear for working out. I even wear them with shorts..Love them!!

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