Dress fits like 2nd skin - daring or too tacky?

mistfallAugust 4, 2007

Hi all,

I have a gown with a high collar, train, and long sleeves that at first glance looks very elegant and sophisticated. At second glance, it is very daring since the fabric is a lycra blend and fits as if it was spray-painted on.

It is so clingy (without being actually too tight, if you see the distinction) that if I wore band-aids, or those stick-on silicone coverings, the outline of any of those would clearly show. (The dress has a lace back, so I can't wear even the most seamless looking bra with it.)

I've got the figure to look good in this dress, don't need the support of an undergarment (one of the few blessings of being...er... not busty) but I'm wondering if risking "bumps" would be just too tacky for words, or if seeing the outline of band-aids or coverings would be worse.

The occasion is a costume party/ dance where I'll be in character as a particular actress known for being a bold vamp.

Thanks for any advice!

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Depends on your age and your attitude. If you don't mind negative comments or lecherous men, go for it. In my mind, over mid 30's, I wouldn't go for it, but that's just me.

While I could, as you, wear the dress well, I am on the conservative side when socializing. I usually consider the impression I will leave by my fashion statements. Also, how it impacts my relationship with those attending the party, and how it may reflect on me if I get a little too close to bad taste.

If it is a Halloween party, I guess I may be a little more inclined, but the fact that you could see the silicone coverups tells me the dress may be too much. The fact that you are questioning it, says something too.

Have fun at the party regardless of what you chose to wear!

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how about something along the lines of a body stocking underneath the dress.. no lines that way. sounds like a fun event..go for it!

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What is called for here is the silicone self-adhesive cups.
AKA "sticky b00bs"

They are sold in Wal*mart now, and probably other places too. Covering the whole breast, there won't be a tell-tale seam around the apex of your bust. I suspect they offer no support, but it will offer some modesty and cut down on the jiggle factor.

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Are you sure that the nipple covers would show under the dress, Mistfall? I wear them often and my husband swears that they cannot be detected. Some may be, but not all.

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