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imsmilngFebruary 18, 2014

We are going through a renovation and need all new appliances. We had GE applicances and had issues with them all but, in all fairness, I think it was due to other factors in the house. Our fridge was a Whirlpool and it didn't have any problems. Now, it is time to decide what brand to buy. Looking to buy fairly basic appliances. I am considering Kenmore or Whirlpool. Should I add another brand to the list?

Thanks :)

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For your needs I would consider GE, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire, perhaps Maytag. You should be able to negotiate a good package price, especially if you shop at independent stores rather than the big box retailers.

We replaced all the appliances in a house that was going to be a rental for 2 years then sold. We chose stainless GE and handpicked the models instead of using the store's standard package. We saved hundreds of dollars, the appliances performed just fine, and the stainless kitchen helped sell the house in 48 hours.

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If you're doing a brand package, I'd say any of the Whirlpool brands or GE. If you're mixing and matching appliances, Whirlpool is generally considered to be the best at refrigeration, Frigidaire or GE for cooking, Bosch/Miele/Asko for dishwashers. I'm not a fan of Electrolux/Frigidaire dishwashers or refrigeration. That said, I deviated from the above suggestions for all my appliances in my current kitchen and have had no problems. None of them are made to last anymore, I say just pick the ones you like the looks and price of and cross your fingers. Don't pay too much attention to online reviews, more people will complain than praise.

I've had many GE appliances over the years, one of the least trouble-prone brands I've owned. I've mainly stuck to their cooking products which are well regarded, but now I have a dishwasher from them which has been great so far.

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Thanks! I think I am going with Whirlpool for everything if I can find a range I think is pretty :) If not, I will do GE for range, diswasher, and microwave and Whirlpool or the refrigerator.

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I should add, those recommendations of brand by appliance type are what the consensus has been in the past, but I'm not so sure how relevant they are now. GE has completely redesigned their dishwashers and refrigeration, and built new factories in Louisville, KY for them. Fridge production is now being moved from Mexico to these factories. Even though those areas haven't been traditionally considered their strengths, I have been very impressed with my GE fridge as well as the dishwasher (both the new series). If you end up going GE for everything else, I would feel good about buying their fridge too (getting the matching look, and possibly saving some $$$)

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