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pink_warm_mama_1August 9, 2010

Is there anyone out there who still does the old color test - winter - summer -spring - fall? As one grows older skin color and hair color seem to change, and the same colors no longer look well. Thanks for suggestions.

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One thing is becoming sadly & tragically & depressingly obvious to me:

Siamese cats get darker as they age.
The rest of us fade.

If you were a Winter (Elizabeth Taylor), eventually you become a Vivid Summer.
Instead of purple, wear violet.
Instead of primary red, wear Chinese lacquer red.
For black, use charcoal.
for dazzling white, use cotton or eggshell.

If you were Vivid Summer, you may become Summer, a pastel season:
for violet, wear lavender.
for charcoal, wear pearl gray.
for Chinese lacquer red, use watermelon red.

If you were an Autumn (Sarah, Duchess of York-Fergie), you'll become a Vivid Spring.
Instead of rust, wear russet.
Instead of tobacco brown, wear golden bronze.
For orange, wear apricot.
For chrome yellow, wear saturated sunshine yellow.

If you were Vivid Spring, you may become Spring, another pastel "season":
for russet, wear coral.
for apricot, wear pale "sherbet" oranges.
for sunshine yellow, wear pale yellow.

Be sure to coordinate the intensities of your hair, make-up, & clothing so you don't clash with yourself, & use more smooth transitions & less contrast (ie, charcoal & violet instead of purple & white).

Take good care of your skin & hair;
dry skin & hair makes people look older.

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just remembered another little thing I learned at the "Doing Your Colors" seminar.

We have Types as well as Seasons, & some of the types are much better suited to the very young.

seems like there were 5 types:

lots of contrast, stark lines, spike heels, etc.
I my own self suspect that Winters are the only ones who can pull off this look entirely.
Again, Elizabeth Taylor, also Cher.

ruffles, gathered skirts, high-heeled sandale, charm bracelets, peasant blouses.
Daisy Mae, Dolly Parton (in her younger days-today she's absolutely a Dramatic).

charming, boyish, cropped or Pixie haircut, cute clothes.
the young Audrey Hepburn

layers of filmy chiffon scarves made into a dress or skirt, earrings made from papier mache or other clever material, etc.
Isadora Duncan.

well-cut clothes, suits, blouses, monochromatic color schemes, nail polish exactly matches outfit.
Grace Kelley was the best one I can think of.

As we get older, we all tend to move toward the Classic.

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Well, you have certainly covered it all, and I, for one, do appreciate it. I was an autumn, and my hair has not changed except to darken and now has some white/gray streaks here and there. My skin is quite pale. I love apricot and golden bronze, but have not worn yellow for years. What is your feeling of a soft gray? Sometimes it is very difficult to find the colors one prefers. Could you tell me where you took the seminar? Thanks again for all your help.

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Autumns & Springs look best in warm colors;
they have enough rose in their complexions, so they need the warm ivories & browns to balance them.

Instead of gray, I'd think a *lively* light brown or tawny color (beige is not lively) would be beautiful.

You might try buttercream yellow for a light neutral.

That seminar was one given by an old friend about 20 years ago when she had an Amway business of all things!

Amway at one time had a cosmetics line called Artistry.

If you can find an Amway rep, you might see if they still have those.

If you try on an outfit & it just doesn't look right, one easy way to tell if it's the color is to ask yourself, if you're an Autumn/Spring, "does this make me look like W C Fields?", or, in some cases, "does this make me look like I'm ready for the funeral director?"
If you're a Summer/Winter, ask yourself, "does this make me look like I have hepatitis?"

IF so, the color is on the wrong side (warm/cool) of the wheel for you.

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Thanks again, sylviatexas, for all your help and information.Perhaps you might want to add that it is wise to keep one's sense of humor as both you and I have.

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