Dish or Direct TV

allison0704September 13, 2005

Do you have Dish or Directv? Why did you choose the one you have? Thanks.

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Neither. Read a book.

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Have had both. Direct TV has a lot of special sports packages, but i think the better deal by just a few bucks is Dish. They are about the same unless you have specialized needs.

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Dish, but their customer service is lousy, doubt if Direct is any better.

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Dish, and I've never had any problems with their customer service.

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Dish. Had a long awful nightmare with Direct that was only solved by BBB, took weeks of hard emailing/letter writing,etc.

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DIRECTV. I love it and you get more bang for the buck.

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We had a BIG nightmare with Direct that ended up with the BBB and the state consumer protection agency,etc. Got our money back, but what a hassle.

We do cable phone, internet and TV. Love it. No ugly dish.

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I am on DISH now. I was on DirecTV for many years, but when I needed to move the dish, DirecTV would do nothing to help - until after I had signed a contract with DISH. Then DirecTV kept calling and calling and calling trying to get me back. Too bad - they had their chance.

DISH has a system in place to upgrade your equipment. They have a system for moving and they have a system for equipment protection (our LNB keeps getting messed up). While I was with DirecTV they had nothing like that that they let the customer know about.

BUT all that said - try calling each for their best deals and play them off against each other!

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I've had both, started with Direct TV. Couldn't get local channels with them, so we switched. I still miss Tanya Memme.


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