how do i find my posts

midwestmomSeptember 26, 2005

is there somewhere i can click to see all my posts?

i've posted in a few of the boards and sometimes i forget what i posted where. i know most forums have this feature, i just haven't found it here yet. thankyou

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I don't think there's a profile manager or anything like that on these forums. The best alternative I know of is to just do a search for your screen name. For some reason, though, it doesn't bring up posts on the "conversations" side of forums.

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The search tool is at the bottom of the pages that list the thread titles. And Ima is right, it only brings up posts on the discussions pages.

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You could also set it up that the responses to your thread be emailed to you. It only works for threads that you start, though.

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try signing each of your posts, at the end, with your user name. That way a search of your user name will pull up your posts. Just a thought...

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It's incredibly inconvenient and difficult to locate my past posts when wanting to either check for responses or just re-read them for the info. This site is great in many ways, but not in this one.

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Is there a way to search posts made by others? For example, I see some folks who are building a house by the same architect I am interested in buying plans from. I'd love to see if they've actually posted other follow ups about it but can't figure out how to search their name.

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