Love Baby Oil Gel!

lov2gardenAugust 2, 2004

It's the best thing I've ever used on my legs, especially for going without hose in the summer. It lasts from one shower to the next and the dry skin doesn't reappear. Just apply after bathing BEFORE drying off, then blot with a towel. It is not sticky or greasy. Just baby smooth. Any brand/price is fine. J&J has two scented versions.

Everthing else I've tried lasts only minutes/hours and/or feels sticky/greasy.

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I use it too, after I wash the dishes. (don't own a dishwasher or a husband) Love it. It is best to use it while you still have some wetness, otherwise you need a few minutes for the oily-ness to wear off.

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(don't own a dishwasher or a husband)

Spring for the dishwasher, less maintenance and easy to replace ;)

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Is this different from regular old baby oil? If it is a gel, it sounds like it might not be as messy.

I'll have to look in the baby aisle tomorrow at the grocery store! Anything to not have dry looking legs...the weather here seems to just suck the moisture right out of my skin.

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It is way different from regular old baby oil. I used to used regular baby oil the same way but it didn't last and felt really greasy. The baby oil gel is a thick gel, the effects are longer lasting and not as greasy feeling. However, I totally agree that it's best used on wet skin and then blotted with a towel. I usually shower in the morning but when I do shower at night, I've tried really slathering the gel on my wet feet, blotting off the excess moisture and immediately putting on socks and wearing them to bed. Made my feet look and feel better than anything else has.

Cube1067, thanks for the tip about using on hands in between showers! never occured to me! Now I've got another bottle at the kitchen sink. I'm a gardener and don't always wear gloves. Dirt is very drying to skin.

Using baby oil gel on wet hands before drying them has really helped my raggedy cuticle problem too!

I can't believe all of the expensive lotions and creams I've tried that only lasted minutes or an hour or two. I really love it when something very inexpensive turns out to be the "cure"! Ooops, maybe we ought to keep it a secret or the high-end cosmetic lines will bottle it and charge $75.

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I grabbed a bottle of that gel last week in nyc; could not find it in Canada where I live. I'll try it later after showering and will report back.

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OK, I found it and bought children thought I was crazy for being in the baby aisle at the grocery store!!!

I'll report back how it works for me too :)

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I have tried it and it does work, but I must have a thing with baby oil in any form because it still felt a teeny bit greasy to me. The only scent my store had was the original and I just keep thinking I smell like a new baby:)

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OK, well I tried it twice; first time on just towelled skin, and I found it hard to apply , too thick. It took an hour for the tackiness to disappear, so I would stick to everything I touched but the deep moisturizing was great once it was all absorbed.

Second time, I brought it in the shower with me and proceeded to apply it over wet skin; easier to apply, but of course the towel I dried off with had to go straight to the laundry.... too greasy.

So although I won't use this on a daily basis, I have other lotions that are more "user friendly", I'll keep it for deep moisturizing in the winter.

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Well, it's many hours later and my arms still feel a little sticky to the touch; the good news is, they glow.....
All the other body lotions I use don't leave that shiny look which I like for summer.....

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It's that little bit of stickiness that I am not sure about. I have 2 dogs who shed ALOT and if my skin is sticky...guess what will stick to it! Yep, the dog hair..not a nice look:) I have enough problems with it being on my clothes and furniture constantly, but my skin too? I guess it is a trade-out. Pretty, moisturized, possible dog-hair-covered (yuck!) skin vs ugly, dry, dog-hair-free skin!

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Whoa! Furry doggie legs is not a pretty picture. I like the gel specifically because it isn't greasy or sticky like most lotions I've tried. Maybe my skin is so dry that it sucks it all in and leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Baby oil gel IS really thick stuff and it has to be used with water or it won't spread evenly and it is sticky for sure. As soon as I turn off the shower, before I dry off at all, I put a blob about the size of a quarter in my wet palm and rub my palms together, then I rub my hands all over my dripping wet legs. I blot dry with a towel and am left with soft skin without dryness, stickyness or greasyness.

I've also been using Cube's idea of applying it on my wet hands after gardening, cleaning, etc and it is really helping my hands. I've now got baby oil gel at each sink in the house! There's a fine line between enough and too much on my hands...if I use too much, I rub a bit with a paper towel to absorb the excess. I'm not sure anything will help my raggedy cuticles though. If you know of something that will, please share.

Now, I have to admit to having the world's crusty-est heels. The only time my heels feel and look like they ought to is immediately after a pedicure. That's after about 30 minutes of soaking and scrubbing with a pumice stone by somebody with more skill than I have. I'm experimenting slathering on a thick layer of baby oil on dry skin and immediately putting cotton socks at bedtime. It seems to be making a tiny difference and it might make a bigger difference if I applied it every night. The older I get, the more high maintenance I become! When I was a teenager I used to spend hours a day on "beauty routines". If I do everything now that I ought to do morning and night, I'd have to quit my day job!

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For those of you who say the gel stays tacky too long, maybe you are using too much? A little dab goes a long way.

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