beacheAugust 10, 2005

I'd love to get some help and input from others who have this condition. What works for you? What should I avoid?


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Oy vey.

I have it, and gawd knows, I've tried everything from Metrogel to diaper rash ointment (for the zinc oxcide).

The only thing that seems to help me is to stay out of extreme heat/sun and the cold. Nothing edible seems to set mine off, but the weather will. I use a SPF 45 sunscreen on my face every single day, and that actually seems to calm things down.

I have noticed that certain times of the month will flare things up a bit, too.

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it runs in my husband's family, and alchohol is definately a contributor- beer especially, some of them have issues with red wine, some don't.

DH hasn't had a drink in 15 years, which I think helps.

weather is the biggest factor for him as well- a day out in the sun or strong wind will leave him blotchy for two weeks.

getting him to quite using things like rubbing alcohol and ivory soap on his face was more than half the battle, though- it's now an occasional patch or two, instead of an enduring redness,

cucumber and aloe both help to calm flareups for him- and he's man enough to be ok with the idea that 20 minutes with vegatables on your face beats the heck out of a week or more with vibrant red blotches on his face.

I'm pretty sure that in his case, there's a link between that and his dandruff, since he's definatley more sensitive to the sun and such when he's flakey.

I've found that a handful of fresh thyme, crushed, and shook up in a 12 ounce 'sports bottle' of water makes a really effective scalp rinse and toner for him, and it's gentler than even the mildest dilution of the essential oil.

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all of us with rosacea have different triggers. for me it is wine, heat and extreme cold. I can still drink alcohol in a cicktail without brbeaking out but had to give up all wine. For some it is spicy food. It's important that you learn the triggers and avoid them because Rosacea can't be cured, only managed.

Do you use metrogel or metrocream nighty? Wash only with a very mild soap? many people like cetaphil but it doesn't remove my makeup fully so I use B.Kamins gentle vegetable cleanser.

And find a non irritating sunblock and use it EVERY DAY.
Good luck with the management of a very very irritating chronic problem.

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Wine used to be my main trigger. When I first found out I had Rosacea and not the skin cancer (that came later) that I was being treated for, every time I had a glass of wine I had a breakout. And it didn't matter if I had red or white wine. But I was still able to cook with wine and had no problems. After 12 years of dealing with this, I can now have the occasional glass of wine without a breakout. I use Metrogel at night and if I notice new redness I also use it in the morning. I wash my face with either goats milk soap or the Clarifying Soap that I get from an aromatherapy company. Both are good for my skin and help with keeping the rosacea under control. I always use sunscreen on my face all year, everyday. And I try to avoid the sun during the mid-day hours. "Unless I am working in the garden!> I just started using the Bare Minerals makeup and I really love the way my skin looks now. Good luck and hang in there, this is a condition you can find ways to control. Sometimes it takes a lot of trial and error but it can be done.

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I went to the dermatologist and got a cream which I apply twice a day. Works wonders.

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