we passed!!!

housefulJuly 8, 2005

I can't believe this!

We have no flooring, no interior doors, no bathroom cabinets, tile or fixtures, no exterior paint.

We still passed FINAL inspection. Here is a recap of what I wrote in another thread.

"I requested an extension on my permit expecting 180 days. Here we get an one free extension, after that, you pay. Anyway, the letter came back giving me 90 days. When I questioned them via email, they said the 180 days is automatic after any inspection not when you request. They basically told me to call for an inspection and I will receive the automatic 180 days.

I added an extra outlet on my patio so I could call for an inspection. Now I will have my 180 days whether I pass of fail.

I am an owner/builder and they are far more lenient on us than on builders."

What I didn't write in the other thread is that I had to call for a FINAL inspection because technically the electrical had already passed and the automated system wouldn't let me apply for that again. I was intending to talk with the inspector and show him the outlet. He must have snuck in while I was in another part of the house because when I went back again to wait for him, the paper was there with the "pass" notification.

I cannot tell you how relieved I am. I was having a hard time choosing my bathroom fixtures and tile and I know the pressure of an expiring permit was making it worse.

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Is this post really 2 years old?

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I think I heard crickets chirping just a short time ago...

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