Itty Bitty Candelabra - What are these for?

DLM2000August 13, 2010

Found these while scouring every nook and cranny for my garage sale. They're tiny,as you can see from the ruler and would hold birthday cake sized candles. Anyone have any guesses? What were/are they for, type of glass, anything else? They're too small to even be considered decoration - cute, but then what?

*the tipped one isn't really crooked - it's sitting on a bump

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Are they glass or plastic?
I have never seen them in glass...but I have a collection of old brass miniature candle sticks....of the size that hold the larger birthday candles...or chanukah candles.
Not sure they have a use....they are just cute!
Linda C

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They're glass and the color seems to be IN the glass not applied.

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They are better than cute...
Is there a pontil on the bottom?
They could be "whimsies" things made not in the production line by a glass blower....or they could be Venetian glass.
what size candle would they hold? Is the inside of the striped part hollow? they also could be meant for a doll house.
Whatever...I would bet a large amount of money there is not another pair like that out there....don't be putting a $5 price tag on them until you find out more.
I would send the pictures to the site linked below and see what she says....and click on the whimsies link to the left on the main page.
Linda c

Here is a link that might be useful: Glass lady

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ummmm, too late Oscar - sold. No, not for $5 but $25 - still probably less than you'll think is right! Hadn't checked for a pointil but they are hollow. The only candles that fit are the small old fashioned b'day candles. The lady that bough them was thrilled, thought they were so cute..... fine - she can dust them!

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**** sigh****

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