Replacing MAC Studio Mist spray foundation

michelle_phxazAugust 13, 2009

I fell in LOVE with MAC's Studio Mist foundation, it is in an aerosol can and you spray a bit onto the Kabuki brush and blend it in all over your face. I just ran out after a year (I don't use foundation often) and found out they discontinued not only my color (Light Medium) but the entire line of the sprays as well. I ordered a can of "Summer" off of eBay but it is too dark.

I really love the spray idea, you never cake or glop it on, it gives a great glow with the coverage.

My question is who else makes a quality spray foundation and how can I make sure it is similar to what I used with MAC?


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Dior makes one called Dior Skin, you can buy it at Sephora
Sally Hansen makes one too, it's actually very nice.

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Thanks Nikki! I have never been in Sephora, I will go check it out.

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You've never been to Sephora? Oh you must go, and bring credit cards!

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Haw! That's the ONLY way to shop!!! Thanks!

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The salesman at Sephora in Dallas told me that dr. phil's wife's makeup artist uses the dior spray foundation on her legs to even out the color, hide veins, etc...

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