Extra side trim for Miele dishwasher

GWloloFebruary 27, 2013

We have a 24in opening and the Miele is slimmer than that. Based on research on this forum, I realized that Miele sells a edge trim piece. Unfortunatelythey do not have a picture of it. Has anyone used it and tell me how it is attached? Am I better off asking my cabinet guy to build something for me?

To add a twist to this, my Miele La Perla is stainless steel but can have a custom panel. It has the control in the front which is what DH wants. I am wondering if I should do a custom panel or live with stainless. Everything else in the kitchen is paneled.

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When our kitchen was remodeled in 2006, the dishwasher opening was made a standard 24", as we were buying a GE Profile. Since it had numerous problems over the course of a year, then replaced by an Elextrolux that was junk, I did some research and got a Miele Diamante Plus about 2.5 years ago (stainless door with control panel on the front). It was able to install just fine in the 24" space using the four side-mounting screws (2 on each side). granted, the space is a tad wider than I'd like (and what is recommended), but it's livable. If I got a panel ready unit, then the space would be too noticeable, or made the front door a bit wider to fill in the slight gap on the sides.

I've yet to see any pictures of the side trim kit that Miele makes. Someone said before that it was intended for much larger openings than 24".

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The miele pieces are a joke really. Best to have your cabinet maker whip up a filler strip or two to match.

I'd leave it all stainless unless the height of one of your drawers is the same as the height of the miele control panel.

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