Moisturizers with Suncreen

michie1August 18, 2005

Moisturizers seem to come with sunscreen these days but most are no more than 15spf & many even less than that.

They say you should apply sunscreen often & when you perspire but who can do that when you have make-up on? The catch 22 is I use bronzer for some color - that is the majority of my make-up & I apply the moisturizer with sunscreen before that but then after I perspire or as the day goes by you can't reapply on top of make-up. Has anyone come up with any solutions to this?

Also why are moisturizers with spf thin & evaporate nicely into the skin but if you use an actual sunscreen on your face is greasy & never dries enough to apply make-up on top?


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You might try a sunscreen made just for faces. Clinique has one that I like a lot, and it's not oily at all.

As for reapplying, I simply don't do it, but then, I avoid the sun and don't like the look of tans. (To me, they look like what they are - sun damage.)

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