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mlo1June 11, 2008

I have a total of five columns across the front of the house. From the garage side (left) the garage door is flanked by two columns. The protruding forward facing entry is also flanked by two columns. Then there is one more column to the right side of the porch at the homes corner, which is in the same plane as the garage columns.

The home shares the same finished grade at all elevations. I had originally poured column bases (19"x19") for the three columns supporting the front hip which are in the same plane. The two not yet poured which flank the protruding entry, were to be formed after built for precision. I am there now. I was originaly going to use a brick base and tapered shroud top. I have now decided to use round columns with a cedar shingled exterior.

As a rule, should all of the columns be the same height?

I am trying to figure a porch design currently. I was originally going to have the three porch columns resting on a concrete poured porch. All five columns were to be visually tied in with a brick base. Now, not using brick bases, the garage columns will be taller if the three porch columns are resting on a concrete porch. I'm enclined to think all columns should be the same size. So I am trying to figure out a different porch design allowing all columns to be run to a pad at finished grade.

Am I thinking right?


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Where I wrote "I have now decided to use round columns with a cedar shingled exterior." I meant the homes exterior will be shingled, not the columns.

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Thinking out loud...mightyanvil had mentioned the possibility of using either tapered round columns or shingled square columns if the home was to use a shingled exterior design.

Would a combination of both style columns be fitting? Maybe use round columns only flanking the protruding entry way steps. And the square shingled columns flanking the garage on the left and at the far right of the front hip, as to not stand out. Or maybe default all of the columns to the shingled square style allowing them to blend into the home and drawing attention.

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Mightyanvil...may I contact you or you me via personal e-mail?

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