What would you call this...

moonshadowAugust 18, 2011

They are calling it a Hoosier cab. (Not like any Hoosier cab I've seen.) I'd call it a washstand. And the ones I have seen with a tile 'back splash' are often labeled as English. What do you think?

Front view the top is cut off, but can be seen somewhat in the side view pic.

The wood looks like it needs some TLC.

It's about 5' tall, 3 1/2 ' wide, 2' deep

I hope you can see the pics. If you see double I'm using two different lines of code, for some reason last time I posted photos I could see them in Preview but they didn't all show once posted.

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I agree with your definition.

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Whoever called it a Hoosier never saw a Hoosier cupboard! What's the counter top made of? marble or porcelain?
I Agree. It looks like an English wash stand.
Linda C

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Appreciate the replies. ;)
linda, they said it was granite. Those aren't the greatest pics, but my hunch is they were mistaken on that & it's marble.

Any idea of a date? The scroll work on the top is hard to see, but might be helpful. What I've seen with tile is usually a Victorian style, sometimes into Arts & Crafts, occasionally Edwardian. It doesn't look ornate enough for Victorian, does it? So maybe it's later?

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I have it's almost twin....but with out the cupboard below, just a shelf.
I bought it about 35 years ago at one of those antique auctions where someone would go to europe and buy and fill a crate then come back and auction it off. The crate that my piece came from was from England, they said and by what else was in it I agree.
What I have learned is that those sorts of stands were often found in hotels and small inns as a wash stand for guests in the early part of the 20th century or latter part of the 19th.
Linda C

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Yes, most of the ones I've seen are like yours, without a cupboard underneath. I find them more appealing than the traditional, all wood wash stands. Appreciate the input!

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