Daughter battling acne!

julie_mAugust 6, 2006

Hi everyone, I have an age old question that has had most of us puzzled. Has anyone found a product that WILL clear up acne. There are promises on all these products that we think will make a difference but never seems to work. Now I see my daughter battling the same thing I did and now 30 years later, there still seems to be no real breakthrough in treatment. Has anyone found a product that does work?

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My son uses Oxy pads twice a day. They have salicylic acid in them. We really liked Neutrogena Acne Patches but they seem to have been discontinued. If he is good about using the pads and cleaning his skin, he stays pretty clear.

I had acne and blackheads all my teen and adult years. Retin-A is the only thing that worked for me. If your daughter has recurring cystic acne, she may need antibiotic treatment. I'd take her to a dermatologist if over the counter products have no effect. My daughter has a friend who uses Proactive with good results.

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The link below has some ideas that help some people. I don't know how old your DD is, but birth control pills sometimes help too. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Acne Help

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Thanks for your input Barnmom & Lydia, sorry I posted another pimple question, I read down further later and realised that it had already been done. In my search I've found Benzac AC in wash & gel. It is supposed to be the same as Proactiv but 1/3 the price, also taking zinc tablets is supposed to help with pimples and scaring, which has come just in time, I've had a spot burnt off my face and don't like the "volcano look" at all so taking them has become a ritual for us both. As far as the pill goes...I took the pill for many years and it caused terrible headaches for another 10 after I went off it, so its not an option - what cures one thing quite often start another, that's something I don't want my DD to face. I'll give an up date to these products to let anyone that's interested know how they went. Thanks heaps!

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The only thing that even begins to help my face is drinking lots of water. I drink a bottle an hour. Not really easy to get a teenager to do but it really does help.

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A lot of treatments came out of the market. Problem is that we don't know what will work for us. Cause not all treatments can work for all people. Natural treatments can work for you. Avoid stress, caffeine, and meaty foods and add up fruits and vegetables and exercise into your life.

Here is a link that might be useful: Acne Treatments

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