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michie1August 18, 2005

Several months ago I think there was a thread. I've previously tried rembrandt tooth whitening trays & hated that b/c it tasted aweful & then I tried rembrandt tooth whitening strips thinking they were going to be thin stips placed over the teeth but they were thick almost gummy feeling strips that are hard to keep on & still it oozes enough to taste terrible plus they were falling apart from my saliva while I was wearing them (made me want to gag)! I did notice that after 1 use my teeth did look a little whiter but I never used them again b/c they were gross.

Are there any teeth whitening strips that are actually very thin, comfortable & not disgusting - hmm, if they work would also be a plus.


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I use Crest Whitestrips. They work REALLY REALLY well but I buy mine from my dentist. They are a much higher strength than you can buy at the drug store. My dentist told me to quit wasting my money on that other stuff and try the professional strength Whitestrips, so I did. WOW! Made a huge difference and I am a coffee and soda drinker. The strips are pretty thin and do not ooze. Even if I do get some solution in my mouth due to saliva, it doesn't really have a taste at all. I put mine on in the shower where I am less likely to talk and move them around:) Sometimes they slip a bit, but they still cover the area they are supposed to, so no harm done. My dentist also told me NOT to use them on clean teeth otherwise they will definitely not stick. So, I put them on, take my shower, when my 30 minutes is up (and by the time I shower, dry, lotion it is time) I remove them and brush my teeth for the day.

I love them!

Good luck!

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