Advise me on digital camera purchase, please.

blsdgalJune 13, 2005

I am purchasing a digital camera for dh for fathers day. OK, I will really be the one using it, but this is a good excuse to get one. I really don't have time to research, so would appreciate recommendations.

Please tell me which one to buy. These are my requirements:

1. Easy to learn and easy to use.

2. Not complicated.

3. Did I mention easy to learn and easy to use?

4. Mid priced range.


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What is "mid priced" range?

About six months ago, I bought an Olympus C-765. 10x optical zoom. 4.0 megapixel. Think I paid around $400 (new) from a local camera place. It does a LOT of stuff that I haven't even attempted to learn but it has an "AUTO" setting that I use most of the time. Think I paid around $399.

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The minimum you want to get is one that has a zoom feature. If you start at that price point you'll end up with a decent camera.

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Bought my DH a Kodak EasyShare camera several years ago. They have a variety of different priced cameras. His was around 400. It zooms, but not as much as he would like. Next one will zoom more/cost more.

I purchased at Best Buy and the girl there was VERY knowledgable. She had sold cameras for 5 years and new everything. I think that is a must if you are going in not knowing exactly what you want. Big help.

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Here is another suggestion I recall after looking for hours and hours before I bought. Do NOT go with one that uses throw-away batteries. Get one that comes with its very own rechargable battery and charger. Yes, the other kind are cheaper ~ then you realize how many batteries you have to buy over and over and over again.

Oh ~ and don't get one that has a unique docking station to transfer photos. In other words, make sure it has a "card" of some type that you can pull out, take to Walgreens or Walmart or somewhere and print out photos.


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This spring I bought a Kodak Easyshare DX 7440. I paid around $200 on I found two sources that are quick and easy to use if you have any time at all to research: and, great information on comparing different features and finding the right camera for you. They also have reviews from people who have already purchased a camera.

The Kodak DX 7440 is very easy to use, can evan take video. It has an optional dock but I didn't purchase it and don't think it is necessary. The big advantage of this camera over my last digital is a rechargable ion battery. It lasts much longer than AA batteries. Also has internal memory and removable card storing pictures. I am very pleased, (actually impressed) with the quality and color of the pictures. Last week I loaded the pictures onto the computer, uploaded to and then picked them up at the store one hour later. COOL.

I did purchase a camera bag at Walmart and another storage card. The camera came with a quick ion battery charger but I will purchase another battery to have as backup.

Good Luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kodak DX 7440

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I had a conversation with a guy at Target and he told me that a 4x6 print with a 3 megapixel will look no different than one made with a 5 megapixel. However, if you want QUALITY larger prints than don't get the 3 megapixel. A 4 or 5 meg is what you want. He gave me a pamphlet called "How to find the perfect camera." They may have this info on their website. He seemed to know what he was talking about and he strongly suggested a Canon or a Sony. HTH

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I love my Canon Digital Elph (4MB). It is easy to handle, small and lightweight, pocket size, uses compact flash (transfer to hard drive with a card reader), has a proprietary battery that lasts a long time. It takes a great photo. Has a 3X optical zoom (anymore than that and you should move closer to your subject!).
I use the Nikon D-SLRs at work, and bought this little one for DH. I work as a photographer, so I am a little discriminating about quality (not that I know that much about cameras)...

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Wonder if Susie ever checked back in to read all of these suggestions. May have heard the rumor that a bunch of "heathens" hang out here and decided our opinions weren't necessary.


(No offense to anyone who posted here. That was a JOKE...)

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Jean--How did you know that I had heard that rumor?!!

I did read all of your suggestions and I am going to print them out and take them with me tomorrow to Best Buy to make a purchase. I still don't know what I am going to buy.

I want to set up pics of my house so I can show the progress. Is there any one camera that makes that easy to do? Or is that just a plain, dumb question? I really hate showing my ignorance and lack of technical skills, but I guess if I am going to get help with this problem..I must first confess I have a problem (much like an alcholic :)

Really, thanks to all for all of the great advice.

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I think first you have to define what you mean by "set up". The cameras mentioned here are probably all easy operation, which is only one step in a chain.
Once you have taken the photos, you must be able to view, sort and save.
To get pictures from the camera to the computer.
I remove the media (small disc - there are several formats) from the camera and use a USB card reader (make sure it matches the media!).
The reader plugs into your computer using a USB port. Usually the computer will recognize and load the reader once you plug it in.
The windows XP operating system is very photo friendly. It will recognize that you have inserted a disc and will ask you what you want to do - copy, move, print & view. You can view individual files by clicking on them to open, or right click on them and select preview.
Most files are .jpg files and the computer should see the extension and know what program to use.
Do yourself a favor and make sure to copy all your files to a CD and do not plan on storing them all on your hard drive for long term - you WILL run out of disk space.
Microsoft photo editor comes with XP, but is not a very good photo editing program. I use Photoshop CS, but it is very expensive. There are lots of other choices including free downloads, or software that come with printers or scanners. I cannot recommend any by name, because I don't use them. I do know photoshop Elements is a reasonably good program - cost $60-$80.
So now you have photos on your computer, what is it that you want to do with them?

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Just got back from Staples and bought the Canon Digital Elph that Nycefarm has ($399.) It is tiny and I found out that this is the same one that my oldest dd just purchased last week. She loves it and is coming home tonight for a week, so she can teach me how to use it. I am so excited. I will update you all on my progress :)

We are going to the St. Louis zoo tomorrow with the whole gang and I will get a chance to try out the new camera.

Nycefarm--Thanks for the lesson. I printed it out and will definitely use the info. I want to set up pics of my new house on a website to share here. Is there one in particular that you all really like?

Thanks all!

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I can't really recommend any sites, because I'm too lazy to manage photos on the web in addition to the ones I manage offline. I do use picturetrail, but they don't link here like some of the others do. I think photobucket is one I see used here, with good results, but can't speak to ease of use. I may just have to try it out!
Good luck with your photography!

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I have to Kodak digital cameras. Just be sure you buy one with a good zoom, if that's important to you.

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