Are there any silicone free foundations anymore?

girlgroupgirlAugust 1, 2005

I need to wear foundation occassionally (I have blotchy skin), and lately I have tried a host of different types...they ALL contain some sort of silicone.

Silicone makes my face look like an oil slick in no-time, and I don't really have oil or greasy skin anymore. The foundations break down quickly and look terrible in a matter of hours.

Is there anything (besides Bare Minerals) that you know of which doesn't contain silicones?

Bare Minerals just doesn't work well for me (emphasises imperfections and unfortunately gave me this really eerie glow) - I'm hoping to find something else. The search is getting costly.



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girlgroupgirl, sorry, I don't have an answer for the silicone, question. However, I do want to encourage you to give BM another try.

When I first tried it, I thought the same thing as you and decided I wasn't going to like it. But, I discovered a couple of things....while, I was experimenting.

When I got my kit it had two colors, Fair and Fairly Light. Color-wise, I could use either color, however, Fair is yellow base and Fairly Light is a neutral...the neutral works really well, much less "glow."

This is how I solved the shininess (glow)), problem....

I put a very, very light film of Mineral Veil of my face, before, I start with the base. I had a few pores that were showing until I did that, now, they don't show any more. Next, I apply the base then finish with the Mineral Veil. This is working very well for me. I have even used a little bit of regular translucent powder as a finish...that works, too.

I'm really happy with it now, I would encourage you to experiment.


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