Any photos of shingle flare returns at door ways...

mlo1June 5, 2008

I am struggling on framing my flare returns at the homes man doors and slider. While I have been able to find some photos of flares, none show actual "returns" around lower story doors. My shingle flare which has a depth of 4.5 inches also seems slightly more exagerated than the flare's I have seen. Seems 2.5-3 inches may be more normal and possible easier to deal with.

Everyone around me thinks I have gone mad pursuing this process. I'm determined but stuck. I have contacted every cedar yard around and even ran an add for a tradesperson to consult luck.

Thanks for any leads.

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Usually the flare is shallow enough or starts low enough thet it isn't a problem at the door trim. If it is larger here are some possibilities.

You can also thicken up the door trim with a band molding to reduce the amount of flare projecting beyond it.

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On my build there is 9 inches from top of the subfloor down to the foundation ledge that protrudes 4.5 inches. That area directly below the door thresh-hold where the flare would not exist (if returned on both sides) has me confused. Our slider which faces directly south needs to have a landing built with steps. So I am unsure how to finish this for a long term weathertight transition over the foundation ledge.

I was actually wondering if it would be best to plan for the landing and steps to be freestanding. That would allow the flare to continue under the threshold and be joined in a continous weathertight manner. But then my big concern would be the proper construction of the top of the flare. Should it be planned as an extension of the threshold and made flat?

It has even crossed my mind to actually build "out" the two doors this affects (slider & rear man door) where they would be in the same vertical plane as the foundations outward edge. Though I certainly do not want to create something wierd.

Am I making more out of this than need be? Certainly open to opinions. Thank you mighty was a pleasure with my morning coffee.

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