Hairstylist raised her prices...

Mozart_FanJuly 25, 2005

She said that she is now renting her station so her costs have gone up, but that her new fees are comparable to those charged by the other stylists at the trendy salon she moved to about six months ago. I'm just curious...about how much does a stylist have to pay to rent a station? We're in a fairly upscale community north of L.A.

Also, should I continue to tip her? I now pay her directly, rather than at the reception desk. I paid $110 for a cut and almost full weave for my medium length hair. I tipped $10.

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The price for rent can vary a great deal by salon and location. A seasoned stylist that continues training in color and cutting will spend a great deal on training to keep current with trends, techniques and new products. Rent is just a small factor. A hairdresser of this caliber can make a good income, but rarely get medical or pensions.
In most situations like you described you would pay your stylist directly. Many say you don't tip a business owner, which she is. Personally, I always appreciated tips and would go the extra mile for someone that did. Why not...if I am going to be paid extra for making someone feel special I'd go out of my way to accomodate them. My work was the same regardless, but you can bet they got the best shampoo/massage, extra time with a curling iron or straighner, ect. I would also accomodate such patrons with appointments because they made it worth my time.

Tipping is a personal choice, you don't have to do it but it is appreciated by most. I go to a place that charges me 140 dollars for two colors (cover gray and blonde weave) and to cut my hair. That is a lot of money for me. If I tip it is only a token of appreciation. I might also skip the tip and bring her a latte, which I know she appreciates. I don't feel bad not tipping someone that charges at the top of the pay scale. If I feel she goes the extra mile, or gets me in at her inconvenience I tip her accordingly.

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