hair product buildup cure

kimmey43July 29, 2008

I use a gel before blowdrying, a thickening spray once my hair is dry (to "place" my hair, especially my bangs) and a final spray of hairspray to capture the days creation haha. Needless to say my hair gets quite crunchy and my bangs get this gross "coating". After much trial and error, today I mixed a heaping tablespoon of baking soda with my shampoo, lathered and left it on for a few minutes (3 or 4) before rinsing and conditioning...IT WORKED WONDERS!! all the goop is gone, my hair is super soft and shiny. Just had to share because its great when you find something that works and is CHEAP (I've spent a fortune on clarifying and purifying shampoos).

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I usually try a rinse with a little vinegar in water to help take of off product buildup... It seems to work well on my hair. It seems squeeky clean and shinier.

I do color my hair though so I'm always afraid of these deep cleaning methods. Do you think the baking soda would be ok on colored treated hair?

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I color my hair (blonde) and it was fine. I don't know about dark or red colors as they fade fast enough on their own. Vinegar didn't work for me.

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I do a baking soda treatment every couple of weeks and the improvement is amazing! I got the idea from the recipe website I frequent, I've posted the link to the recipe below. As you can see from the 42 reviews, there are some issues (the soda can strip hair dye right out, for instance), but most people love it.

Here is a link that might be useful: hair clarifier

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