snippy manicurist and snippy client

mitchdesjJuly 11, 2007

My hands were really dry, cuticles out grown, etc.. I went for a manicure to get me back on track ( a $30 manicure that includes a paraffin treatment).

I always go to the same spa, this was a new girl; I took a few seconds to locate the color I usually use and she said: " we really have to get started, I'm booked solid" so I rush back to the table. She takes one look at my hands and says, with a serious face, looking me straight in the eye:

"do you use hand cream?"

I burst out laughing, (I had had a rough day, don't mess with me) so I said:

"now that's a loaded question, do you mean to ask me if I EVER use it, or do I KNOW I should use it, or do you mean my hands are so far gone you're not sure you can do anything for these babies?"

She relaxed a bit after listening to my answer, told me to use cuticle oil and hand creme everyday, ( like I don't know that stuff already, give me a break); if I book a manicure , repair my hands and I'll pay you gladly, don't ask me

"do you use hand creme?"

Some days a simple question can set me off.

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I guess my post was all about venting, I still gave her a 5$ tip !!!!!

I equated her asking me "do you use hand cream?"

to an cosmetician asking me, under a scrutinizing light,

"do you use anti wrinkle cream?"

call me sensitive.

does anyone have days like that? every question seems loaded to you, lol.

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I sure do and they come more and more frequently. Then I hate myself.

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Ha! My husband has a problem with being thin skinned with what he calls "stupid questions and comments". When he has a day where he is stuck in meeting for 7 hours, everything anyone says becomes a "stupid comment". I can just imagine what he would have said to her on a bad day. Beside, who has the money to go to the manicurist even when your nails are beautiful? Seems to me that is the point of going, to take your poor hands that work so hard and pamper and beautify them. If hand cream worked that well, manicurists would not have many customers!

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Oh geez, my hands look like yours on a good day.. and yes I use hand cream. I think I would have beaned her with a nail file.

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Mitch you're too nice - the hurrying me up would have set me off!

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This is a spa where I intend to go back and the other girls are all so super nice; I usually call at the last minute and get whoever is available; I'll remember to book in advance with other girls I know. Although I have to say she backed off and was nicer after she realized she was out of line, judging by my reaction.

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Sounds like she had a 'tude. I don't tolerate other people's attitude issues well. I'd have called her on it, too. (..and maybe wouldn't have been so kind about it.) I really hate when you're PAYING for a service and people have the gall to get snippy with you. I'm sorry, don't you WANT to make my money??? Ugh.

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I prefer to go to different hairstylists every few months or a year because they tend to get into a rut---cutting my hair exactly the same old way every time with little creativity over the long term. At age 52 and having seen dozens of hairstylists, I can't tell you how many times I've heard: "Who cut your hair last? They did a terrible job" and "You're hair's bit dry; you need to buy this, this, and this product." Always a ploy to convince you that whatever you've been doing in the past isn't working and you need to but more product from them. Now, if I could just find someone who can give me the variety I need, I might stick with them. "Whoever cut your hair last was terrible" doesn't work for me...

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! Wow.... that 'whoever did such&such last is terrible!' line is entirely unprofessional.

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I love my hairstylist. I have been going to her for about eight years now and have had numerous styles. My hair is very fine and thin and most stylists find it difficult to work with. She does a great job and we have fun tweaking the style at almost every cut! I am going in this week and I can't wait to see what we decide to do! I do a bob between the chin and shoulder, it varies usually being shorter in summer and longer in winter, but never past the shoulder. We change the angle leaving it straight across the bottom to angled toward the front. we add and take away layering, only in the bottom 1/3 at the sides and up to the bottom 1/2 in the back, but no layering at the very front because I like to tuck my hair behind my ears, I hate when it gets stuck on my glasses. I sometimes change the color as well, this is more difficult because I have a lot of allergies. But I do love playing with my hairstyle, and it wonderful to find a stylist I can trust to do this with. A couple times a year I just tell her to do whatever she would want to do if it was her hair, you can't do that with someone you don't trust completely.

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