Red Mark on Face

carla35July 21, 2007

Ok, here's the strange question of the day. I recently got this red mark thing on my cheek. It could be an age spot or maybe rosacea. I just don't know. At first I thought it was just a blemish..about the size of a irregular penny, but it never went away. It seemed to become more pronounced after a bout of vomiting I had (sorry). It's like a blushing spot/red birthmark on my face and is really bothering me ...although I have a feeling others may not really notice it. It seems to have better days and not be as dark.

Well, what is it?

What can I do to get rid of it?

Or, How can I cover it?

I have never worn a lot of foundation. I tired a concealer and it did cover it (for like only an hour, if not less) but then it's visible again. Is there a better makeup application to use? Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

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I'd get it checked by a doctor pronto.

Some skin cancers look like discolorations, & if that's what it is, you need to get that thing off you as soon as possible.

If it's just rosacea or some such, there are special cosmetics for people who have marked discolorations like burns, birthmarks, etc.

To get rid of it permanently, I seem to remember that laser treatments can be used to zap the blood vessels;
your dermatologist should know where to get the cosmetics & where to get laser work done.

(& if he/she doesn't, thank goodness for google!)

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Rosacea is not generally localised. It usually covers the nose and cheeks in a mask-like effect. All the age spot I and my friends have are brown, and none are that large. I would second going to the doctor right away to get it checked. If it is nothing to worry about, your doctor can probably recommend a cover for it. You may need to go to a dermatologist, they could definitely tell you what would work for you as a cover if this is not something that needs to be removed.

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Thanks guys, coincidently I did recently see my doctor for a different 'thing' on my face that was closer to my ear.(It was nothing to worry about) but the doctor didn't even seem to notice or care about the red mark that was only a couple inches away.

The red mark has no substance to it...if that makes sense...there is nothing there to feel or take off. It is more like those birthmarks that are within the skin, not on top of them...more like a blushing thing/popped capillary. Funny, the last couple days it seems almost gone...I've been getting more sleep and that seems to affect it. It also seems a lot redder when I cry, etc. It's just odd that it seems so pronounced a lot of the times. Maybe I'm just flushed or hot a lot of the time?

I've never seen a dermatologist. Maybe I'll set up an appointment if it's something that can easily be zapped away; I would just hate to scar or make it worse though.

I ordered some of that Mineral makeup stuff so maybe that will help cover it.

Thanks again for your ideas and concern.

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