Please help me id this cabinet!

tbridge44444August 9, 2014

I've been trying to id this cabinet for several months now. There are no markings that i can see, but it is in beautiful shape and would like to find a value on it so can figure out how to proceed on what I want to do with it. I have more pics that are brighter and show the detail, but could only post one.

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It's sort of an exuberant Grand Rapids interpretation of a Louis XV Etagère, removed by 3000 miles and 175 years from its roots.
20th century American, so to speak.

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Thanks Casey!
So you're saying its an early replica of something really old?
I still can't find anything close to it using you're info. Have any idea on the value? Thanks for your help!!!

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Here is another pic

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another pic

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It's early 1900-1930 from what I can see of the construction techniques and blend of styles. Often used to hold music and figurines and stuff.

"Value" depends on demand in your location. Check for etageres and music cabinets on Craigslist ... and price accordingly.

It could make a great supply holder in an office or craft room. Polish it up and use it. If you were to paint it, there would be no serious loss in value. High gloss red could be interesting.

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It appears to be between 1890 and 1910. Also appears to be in the style of Art Nouveau (French) with some Victorian fret work at the very top. The carved piece on the door is indicative of Art Nouveau style. Which was combined with Victorian in the latter 1800's and early 1900's.

I can't really tell the wood from your pics, but I am guessing it may be mahogany. As many of these were. In addition to rosewood.

It is definitely a knick knack cabinet. Music was generally stored in square cabinets without glass.

If refinished, it's value for insurance purposes could range from $900 to $1250 give or take. Bear in mind, I am basing the figures on what I can see in the pics. Supply and demand dictates what you could actually sell it for.

I hope this helps you somewhat. :)

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