Permanent Eye Makeup

sudiepavJuly 17, 2007

Well, here I sit, with permanent eyeliner. Finally got it about a month ago. I am very, very happy with it. I only got upper lid liner, in a grey shade, and I really, really am happy with it. It looks very natural...I can wash my face in the morning, put on lip gloss (I got permanent lip color a year ago), and I'm good to go. If I'd had to choose one, I'd have gotten the eyeliner first. But I have to say they process of numbing my eyelids was creepy to the max. I got novocaine beforehand, but was very aware that they were shooting novocaine into my eyelids. I am very happy with the results.

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that's good to hear; although in my area, permanent makeup is not popular, I'm still looking for a place that does it. I would love permanent eye liner.

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Cool. My girlfriend did eyes and lips a while back - she couldn't be happier. She's retired and travels a lot. So a quick get-up-and-go is important for her. I'm kind of a chicken about things like this though. Maybe someday I'll get up the nerve!

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I'm happy for you that it turned out perfect.

I would be afraid that the artist wouldn't do what I wanted and since the results are permanant, I would be suicidal if I had to live with goofy looking eyes for the rest of my life.

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Actually, I had 2 friends who did this before me, so I felt fairly confident with the person who did it. She also showed me pictures of eye makeup done by other people that she had to fix. I am scheduled for a touchup next week on my eyes, but I'm canceling because I don't need it. I had to get my lips re=touched a few months after the initial coloring. I'm SO glad that I got away with no re-doing of my eyes. It wasn't painful, but a fairly creepy situation. It is nice to get up in the AM. wash my face and not look so much like a washed out version of my regular self.

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I am 58 years old and want to get my eyebrows done. In Octoaber I am having my eyelids lifted so don't want to get the eyebrows done until that is over with.

Has anyone had their eyebrows done, just want to fill in the bare spots that have occurred with over plucking.

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Actually, one of the friends who had her lips and eyeliner done, also had her brows filled in, again caused by age and overplucking, It looks wonderful and very natural on her. Actually, I have started using eyebrow pencil for the first time in my life. The ends of my eyebrows are starting to fade to nothing, and the worst part is to find a matching eye pencil. I find that many women who use eyebrow pencil use it very obviously, mostly because the color they pick doesn't match the eyebrow.

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Sudie, try using an eyeshadow and a stiff, blunt brush to shade your eyebrows. Very natural looking.

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