If you skipped the medicine cabinet, do you regret it?

crl_January 16, 2013

I have been planning on two recessed medicine cabinets, but it may work out better for the space to have one big mirror instead. If you skipped medicine cabinets, do you regret it?

(We would have a vanity with drawers for storage.)


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We didn't do medicine cabinets and I don't miss them at all. We have one big uninterrupted mirror over our double vanity. I love it and it really opens up the room. We also don't have to step away from the mirror to open up the cabinet. We do have two towers on either end (about 7" deep). They are more useful than a medicine cabinet in my opinion because they hold more but they are not so deep that things get lost. If we didn't have the towers, I think we would have been fine with just drawer storage. We needed the hamper in the bathroom so we opted for hampers on the ends (below the towers--one for darks and one for whites!). If we had not needed that space for hampers, I could see how having the extra drawers would make up for the space in the towers. Just make sure you do drawers of various depths, maybe with insert trays in some, so that you can accommodate products of varying heights.

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Thank you!

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We've lived the past 12 years with no medicine cabinet and three drawers. Two deep drawers waste a lot of headroom, and it seems those drawers are always a jumble. On Houzz I saw a combination of four drawers where the top two are the same depth and the bottom two are the same and deeper. I think that would be better for us.

I'm not a big fan of our huge mirror. I'd prefer to have a tower in between the two sinks. Have you thought of doing that? What size will your vanity be?

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In our master bath we have 2 separate sinks, cabinets, and recessed medicine cabinets. The builder installed two separate huge wall mirrors which left no room for towel racks. Took out the mirrors, installed Moen rectangle mirrors and got rid of the medicine cabinets and installed needed towel racks. On each side of our mirrors we have glass shelves. I bought baskets and we put medicines for "him and her" and put them in the linen closet. We don't miss the ugly med cabinet or large mirrors at all.

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Our vanity will be tiny, just barely big enough for two sinks really p so no space for a tower.

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I don't miss mine at all. But I have a linen closet and a lot of storage. I prefer the shallower drawers so that things don't get lost and you can see everything clearly. A few dividers, and you can make it really organized. I also have a smaller vanity (60", which I suppose is bigger than so for a double vanity, but not huge).

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Often times I'll build a medicine cabinet onto the wall to the left and/or right of the vanity.

Example, in Kevin's first photo, I'd put it into the wall to the left of the sink where the outlet is.

Depending on needs, a mirror, a cabinet door, or a piece of artwork can be used as the medicine cabinet door.

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Yes, like this beauty.

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Would you have room between the mirrors for something like this?

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I didn't put a medicine cabinet in my bath remodel. Our home was built in the 1980's and neither bathroom had a medicine cabinet, so I've lived without so long that I didn't even consider adding one. Soon to redo the other bath and it won't have one either.

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Thanks so much for all the visuals and ideas! I think the wall to left of the vanity might work for a recessed cabinet. We could also potentially do one medicine cabinet in the center of the vanity. Will have to look at the Soace and exactly where the window is.

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Medicine cabinet opposite wall mirror for views of back.

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I've lived in places with both medicine cabinets and without, and as long as there's a drawer or place to put a basket or two, no medicine cabinet was never a big deal for my family.

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May.Flowers is that your bathroom. If so can I please see more pictures of the room and the inside of the medicine cabinet. Very clever.
Good question CRL. I've been wondering the same thing and think I would miss mine. Don't have many meds other than vitamins, asprin, and eyedrops, but i like to hide my toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant in there. However I'd rather not see it.
Anyone have the ones in the mirror?

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no medicine cabinets, but we have 2 towers which take the place of med cab... i would definitely want at least one med cabinet if i didn't have the towers, but then again, even tho i don't take medicine, i have alot of junk!
love mayflowers cabinet- great idea!

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How do you guys like having towers that come down on the counter. I'm afraid the wood would get wet or possibly marred with cleaners. Not a problem?

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not a problem at all... ours also get spattered with toothpaste occassionally and easily wipe clean!

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