Can anyone tell me something about this cabinet?

sass2050August 1, 2009

I bought this antique armoire to use as a liquor cabinet. We added the shelves on the right, but the ones on the left were already there. They were labeled "shirts" "underwear" "pajamas".

I really loved the hinges and the handles.

I googled the name of the company, but could not find anything about it except that a piece by this company was auctioned in Europe some years back.

I bought the cabinet at an antique store in Charleston, SC for $175.

Can anyone tell me something about it?

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The wood grain appears to be oak.

I think it was originally intended to store clothing. The right half may not have had many shelves since this was a space for hanging clothes.

This style of cabinetry was popular from Colonial times up to maybe 1900. One hundred fifty years ago, many houses were built without closets, particularily farm homesteads. This cabinet provided the function of a closet. You may spy this sort of cabinet in movies protraying officer's quarters in Army barracks.

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Yes, it's quartersawn white oak, but it is in an "early English" or English gothic style that was in revival in the 1870-1890 period. It is decorated with linenfold panels (lower) and a band of carved quatrefoils. It basically falls into the same period as Eastlake, but with a very conscious nod to 15th century Britain.

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You have a beautiful oak armoire. The right space was without shelves because it was for hanging clothes. Is there any evidence of a hanging rod or hooks in that side?
It appears to have the original finish.
It does have an "English" feel to it, but it could be French or Flemish.
I believe it dates from about 1920. That opinion based on the decal of the maker's name. Those things were not used to mark furniture until about that period.
It's a lovely piece, beautifully detailed... and you sure got a buy!
Linda C

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Yes Linda, there is actually a rod, that you can barely see in the picture, on the larger side. The other side has the labels on the shelves.
Thank you all for your help.

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It's interesting that they went to the trouble to attach the "decal" with escutcheon pins, lindac.
It seems to me that the top of the piece has been abbreviated; I wonder it it ever had a higher crown?

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I don't think they are pins, they look like dots on the decal.
Sass....tell us more!
Also I would like to see the back of the door pulls. They look like they are not original to the piece.

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Sombreiul, I'm not sure what you mean about the top being abbreviated and it having a higher crown, but I looked at the top and I don't see any evidence that anything else was ever attached to the top. No screw holes or glue or anything.
As far as the pins on the "decal", their are little gold nail heads or pins on each side of the decal.
Linda, I took pictures of the back of the handles and the key from the lock. The handles do hang off the sides on the front but that might be because one door is raised on the edge and the handle would not lay flat. Maybe they moved the other over to match? The key says "ASRO" and under that it says REG and a D with a dot under it REG IN UK and on the back says British Made.

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Is that a metal plate then not a decal?

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Yes, it's a little metal plate.

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Here's your cabinet's brother....they say post 1950...
Check it out.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Cabinet

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WOW...that's amazing. I love it.
Thank you Linda.

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All the pictures are gone!!! I would love to see them. I just bought a cabinet that may have been either a small wardrobe or a cupboard. Has the hanging side on the right and shelves, drawers, doors on the left. The top may have had a sliding glass... the lock is also an ASRO key with the same info as above on the right side. The rod is mounted from front to back instead of from side to side... I want to refinish to use in our nursery but would love to see its original use. HELP!

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