refuse cut before perm ... why?

vieja_gwJuly 24, 2009

Lately I have found that when I ask for my hair to be cut before getting a perm I have been refused!! Why don't they want to cut hair before the perm but instead after? If my hair is at the length that I need quite a bit cut off why would I want a perm in that longer hair only to have the new perm cut off pretty much when the hair is cut AFTER the perm? I go the beauty schools & Style America & they let me walk out as they absolutly have refused lately to cut my hair first before giving the perm! What could be their reasoning... maybe more difficult to wind the perm rollers on hair ends that have been cut?

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Simple, once your hair is permed it will be shorter because of the curls, they want to get it to the length you want it to be after it is permed. If they cut it beforehand they may cut off too much, everyone's hair is different so your perm might make your curls really tight and your look would be shorter. Much easier to fix after the perm than before.

Also, any damage to the ends that is already there will be worsened by the perm, this will give you clean ends after the perm.

It sounds like they are doing a great job taking care of their clients.

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No,NO ... that may be the case in many instances michelle,but for years I have had them cut it before a perm & it has been just recently that they have refused. If only a bit needs to be cut I might understand but mine had grown out quite a bit & the short length I wanted would have meant so much hair would have to be cut AFTER the perm that the newly permed hair would have been cut off!!! Doesn't make any sense to me except maybe it is easier for it to be rolled on previously permed hair ends rather tnan on newly cut ends!?

I now am going to a beauty school/ college here that will do it as I am used to having it done thankfully!

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