dixonclocksAugust 5, 2010

Does anyone collect arrowheads.

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I would like to. I found a couple in Utah, one agate and one obsidian.

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Authentic arrow heads are becoming rare because as our country ages, more of the land has been walked over multiple times and artifacts collected. There are probably more "arrowheads" of recent manufacture than authentic ones.

Learn the difference between and arrow head, spear point, scraper, and other tools. You will probably find that many spear points are mistakenly called arrow heads. Also, check with the authorties about what is legal to collect. Some sites, once discovered, are reserved for later examination by professionals.

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There used to be a place off Hwy 395, on the way to Bishop, Ca., where you turn off and take a dirt road (of sorts) behind a hill. On the other side of the hill, you can't step out of your car without stepping on obsidian chippings where the Indians made tools. The locals used to call it the Indian arms factory. The last time I went there, there were no more locals, and a University had chained off access and put up No Trespassing signs all over the place. There were thousands of obsidian chips covering the ground, but I never saw any kind of arrowhead of spearhead. Maybe the chips were used for skinning Tule Elk. Haven't been back there in years.

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Arrow heads can be made of obsidian, but are not durable. Flint and other material is better suited to take the shock of a strikng arrow.

Freahly knapped obsidian (volcanic glass) can present a very sharp edge and is better suited for cutting instruments rather than for impact uses.

An arrow tipped with obsidian is a formidable weapon for the first shot. After an arrow has been lauched once, the chance of head breakage is high for glass.

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My DH does. He has many that he has found throughout the years, it's one of his little passions.

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