Are these tiles worth anything?

scw211August 5, 2014

Just wondering if anyone knows if these tiles are worth anything. We're pulling them out of a high end home built in the 70's. It's going to be demo if not. None of the pictures are repeating.

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I believe they are Delft. Aren't they beautiful? I have six Delft tiles hanging in my dining room that we bought when we visited Holland many years ago. They are individually hand-painted and have been made in the same way Holland for hundreds of years.

I have no idea of the value. If it were me, I would try to save them. I think it can be quite tricky to get tiles off the wall intact, though.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Wow! I never even come to this forum, but the topic interested me. You know how new posts come up on the side.... So you click...

Tiles are really hard to get off intact. I know when this home was remodeled a year ago, I wanted to save one flower from the kitchen tile (master bath has the same tile) to take with me shopping for the master bath. I BEGGED the guys to do that. It was just impossible, or they were just trying to do the job to quickly. I ended up piecing one tile together for my decorating board.

You may need a real expert to get those off intact.

Good luck. They are really nice, but not my style. I bet someone would pay a lot for them.

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But they probably are not antique or special. You can buy them in many places.

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They do look like Delft tiles, but I have no idea of their value. When removing them, first remove the wooden molding around the fireplace. Then, using the widest blade you can find, work the blade behind the tile and give it a sharp hit with a hammer. If you work slowly and gently pry each one from its backing (which will probably be replaced anyway) they should come off intact. Mostly. : )

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If they are antique, they could be worth a lot, maybe $100-$150 each. If recent vintage, $20 each.

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