tummy but thin legs ... problem!

vieja_gwJuly 26, 2009

I have a waist that- with age- now is no longer small but still have thin thighs &legs.

Problem: If I get slacks to fit around my waist it seems the manufacturer assumes my thighs are big also & makes the legs accordingly! I hate wearing slacks where my thighs get lost in the darn big legs! Any solutions other than having adjustments made on the clothing?

Also, I used to have to wear 'Tall' sizes but now (& I am the same height as always)I find I can wear 'Average' sizes & still sometimes the length is too long! Why waste using more material that then has to be cut off?

As for sizes .. I think if you pay more for clothing the sizes seem to be labelled smaller! The low end stores have clothing the REAL size ... like it or not!ha

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It's sure hard to get clothing to fit properly, isn't it? Especially pants!

Have you tried pull-on pants with a stretchy waist? Maybe then you could go down a size but the elastic waist would help in that area.

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Yes, the stretch type denims fit better but still nothing in a dressier pant style that fits & looks well. The length from waist to crotch is often too short ... does that make me short-waisted or ...?

Very frustrating & wonder just what is the 'average' size any more?

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I have the same problem; one shop where I buy pants , she makes me try on the smaller size and her tailor enlarges the waist area by taking small pieces of fabric and spacing them around the waist band, this can be done if you need 2 inches or less.

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Stretch Pants or leggings is what i always wear because of that problem also. If I want to wear pants that fits perfectly for me, I go to the nearest tailoring shop and give the design I wanted. That's the only time I can wear a nice jeans that fits for my hips and my legs too. Thanks.

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Thanks, gardenlover! Now I don't feel so bad if I'm not the ONLY one with this problem .... wonder just how many 'normal' or 'average' size women are really out there?! I can barely sew on a button (!) so I am really sewing/tailoring challenged unfortunately!

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I am the opposite - always have been pear shaped - so that now at 59 I am still pretty much the same shape - sure a big bigger in the tummy area - but legs are as heavy as always. I am long waisted with short legs - I am 5' 7" yet appear to be taller because of said long waist and being small on the top. People think I weigh about 115 - but I weigh 135. I don't wear pants - just don't fit right - am better in skirts/dresses - long ones - otherwise I appear cut off and it really shows where my calves "blossom". Very hard to find clothing long enough, in black, navy or khaki green (my best colours) - and also that is classic with a bit of flare. I have never suited the styles of the various time periods - especially the second or third time around. I don't care for elastic waists - they make me feel fat for some reason and don't suit me. I do have my walking the dog sweat pants that I wear in winter - they have elastic waists -but I must buy men's or they won't fit my legs - I am quite the sight - I pull them on under my nightgown and put on my long coat, hat and boots. Some people think 2 different women live at my house. No point dressing neatly at my house - I have a WHITE American Eskimo dog - think lots of cat-like dog hair.

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