Are two ear piercings in each ear lobe out of style?

mmoo1978July 19, 2007

I see lots of women wearing a stud earring in the top and a hoop/dangle earring in the bottom. What do you think -- is this look old?


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I still see many women with the multiple earrings. Personally i think it looks outdated. I took mine out several years ago and left 1 piercing in each ear.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I don't like multiple piercings; seems tacky, junky, cheap, and ugly. But then I'm not a fan of the nose stud either.
Or ankle bracelets...

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Just do what YOU want. You're not going to please or impress EVERYBODY no matter what you choose.

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I see everything - I think it's just anything goes according to your own style. I keep threatening to get a nose stud - maybe for my birthday. Either that or dye my hair some outrageous color. Must be female mid-life crisis - LOL!

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I had double pierced ears in high school but I let the second hole close because my fiance did not like it. We have been married now for over twenty years. On my 35th birthday, four years ago, I got the second hole re-pierced. I wanted to be able to wear my diamond studs on a daily basis, but still have fun matching my earrings to my outfit. I usually only wear studs, if I wear dangling earrings I leave the second hole bare. I figure that now that I am all grown up I can do what I like! I think wearing two studs together looks really pretty. I actually also have a small 3 stone jeweled hoop the I wear with my diamonds, that looks pretty too. If you are younger you can probably do a more dramatic look with hoops or longer earrings. Have fun! If you don't like it, you can always let it close up. Just don't get you upper ear pierce, getting cartilage pierced can cause problems, not to mention that I have heard from friends that it hurts a lot more!

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I have one hole in my left ear and three holes in my right ear. I wear very tiny studs in the 'extra' holes. Usually silver, but I also have a few others with colored stones. They are very tiny too.

It wasn't really a plan, I got hole #3 a few years after hole #2.

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The great thing about your body is you can do what you want. Just be yourself!

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Not at all! My wife has 3 lobe piercings in each ear plus right cartilage. I have single piercings in each lobe, and plan on doubles plus cartilage in both ears. Both of us are professionals, although I remove my earrings for client visits. My double earlobe and cartilage piercings will be for our private enjoyment only, while I will wear the single piercings often in public.

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