Wearing wigs

dawn_59July 9, 2006

I wore a wig when I had cancer and chemo. In fact, I had a couple. The shorter ones looked better.

Now, I have grown my hair back and spend #150 every two months or so for color highlights and haircut. That is expensive I know. Has anyone found a good place to buy a wig and are people still choosing synthetic for wash and wearability. I see ladies on television wearing them and believe me, I know they are wigs but it doesn't seem to stop them. What are you ladies feeling about the ease of wigs? I know I could save money but..

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I've never worn a wig, but I think it sounds hot and uncomfortable. Maybe you are ok with it. Could you cut your hair expenses by skipping the highlights? Or just do them at the holidays, summer or once a year? I'm with you on the hair expense; it's a lot.

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dawn, you could try to find a more inexpensive salon, but there would still be times where you would not wear the wig, so I think you deserve to have your natural hair done the way it makes you feel good..... life is short, as you surely know it. Using your wigs for the occasional time where your hair is not to your liking could be handy.

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Sherri, I remember this post and had cancer then. I'm glad you brought it back up. I know how you felt. when you're bald it is sweaty and itching even with a stretching band that holds it on. Now, I have gone thru cancer again - 2 years ago. I need a back up wig so I can travel etc. I stil am surprisied that these people on TV try to wear wigs that haxe no banks so you can see the edges. I guess it is very acceptable to reveal you are wearing a wig. But at their wages, like you said, they need to get it cut right.
I'm glad your chemo is over. I bet when your hair came in it looked different. I loved my new curly hair.It didn't stay curly but it was fun and kinky. The 2nd time my hair has declared war on me. Thinner and finer. I will look at your site. Stay healthy. I met the nicest women during cancer. If anyone knows of a wig place in the Wshington, DC area please respond. Thanks again Sherri

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