Riobel faucets/shower heads

jbrazmaniaJanuary 20, 2013

We're starting a MB reno and we just saw some Riobel faucets and shower fixtures that we liked. The prices seem very reasonable. I've never heard of this Canadian company before. Has anyone purchased and installed these? Any comments or recommendations? Should we stay clear of them or do they have a good reputation? I couldn't find anything in the forums about them or on the web. Thanks!

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Hi. We have Riobel faucets and shower fixtures in one of our bathrooms. No complaints. They were bought at a reputable kitchen and bath place locally here in Canada. They are made in Quebec. They are good quality as far as I know.

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Thanks for your follow-up post, door1. We would be buying it from a plumbing supply company in Massachusetts. They had nothing but positive things to say about Riobel, but I had never heard of them. Their prices seem very reasonable, too!

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We're building a five-bathroom home, and quite a few plumbing fixtures on our final list are Riobel - including a floor-mount master bathtub filler, rainshower and handshower heads, sink faucets....- to name a few.
They felt solid in my hands, although what do i know... and they are at a great price point too. As i had never heard of the brand before i did some google on it, and found that PLUMBERS REALLY HATE RIOBEL!!!

many of the plumbers also comment on how they had to talk to the tile setter specifically before installing any Riobel trims....

the showroom sales ALL rave about it, ("oh it's a good brand! they do wholesale / high end spec houses that's why you've never heard about them the way you heard about Toto and Kohler") - same thing i found on plumber forums... i wonder how much of a kickback Riobel must offer to showroom sales worldwide, that EVERYONE seems effectively bribed to sing their praises? Are the said praises fabricated, or well deserved??

would REALLY appreciate any first-hand feedback on Riobel products, esp things that are hard or expensive to replace (behind the wall etc), before we bite the bullet.

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We have Riobel fixtures for our new shower. Was the only way I could justify going with Brushed Nickel as every other line was so much more expensive in the BN finish. We haven't installed them yet, DH is 'the plumber'. Our experience was similar to others, bought from a very reputable plumbing supply place who thought Riobel was excellent, and they have had no complaints! I was talked out of a more expensive line as they said the fittings were more cheaply made... will post again in a year or so with a follow-up (hopefully positive! :>)

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