Question for professional Hairdressers in the group

CatKozJuly 14, 2005

I've been using semi-permanent color (L'Oreal ColorSpa) to cover my grey under the assumption that semi-permanent is less damaging to hair than permanent color.

Is this correct, or am I deluding myself ?

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I'm no pro but I have done the semi permament color and had my hair color professionally done (permanment color). The semi-permanent I have done at home seems much more drying.

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I'm not a hairdresser either, but I did exactly as you're doing under the same assumption. Now, I have my hair professionally colored with a permanent product, and see no dryness. I do use products meant for colored hair, which add moisture.

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I used to use Clairol's professional The Beautiful Collection semi-permanent (from a beauty supply store) and had no problems with damage or drying. It covered the greys well for about 4-6 weeks at a time.

Now I get professional highlighting and lowlighting which camouflages and blends in the grey. That works well for me, but I do need to use some conditioner on the ends.

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Thanks for the feedback, ya'll.

I'm wondering if other semi-permanent brands are less drying.

I've seen The Beautiful Collection in Sally's. I think I'll give it a whirl next time around.

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Semi Permanant has a lower volume of peroxide and mostly coats the hair (that is why it wears off, it can stain the hair though). Permanent has higher volume of peroxide/more damage. Pulling the color through your ends continually can damage it.

Many hairdressers use permanent on roots to cover gray and color ends with a semi or demi color to balance it as needed, which is less damaging.

Some hair products contain ammonia which is hard on the hair too.

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Recently covered my gray with a powder permanent dye which has no ammonia or peroxide. First time I used a powder permanent and it is the best dye job I ever had - even my hair stylist commented on it. Then I did research and found my dye contained PPD which is deemed toxic and can be absorbed thru the skin, particularly when used for skin tattoos, but my dye (Bigen) contains less of the PPD than L'Oreal or Nutrisse! I did a patch test for 48 hours because I'd never used powder permanent before ... but research says that allergic reactions may not show during a patch test. But so far, so's 3 weeks now. I did a protein restructure and a deep condition immediately after dyeing my hair. I think PPD is present in the black tinted colors....Bigen comes in many other colors.

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I had an incredibly bad experience with natural hair color containing ppd. I am on medication for 12 weeks because of it. Are you saying that Bigen in the lighter shades does not contain ppd?

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