Anyone able to tell me about my couch and lamp?

johnrhopkinsAugust 25, 2010

It was my grandmother's couch. It has a matching armchair. I believe it is about 100 years old. That is about all I know. There is also a lamp and a table.

Anyone able to tell me about them?

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I think you are right on on the couch...a bit of the Victorian showing influence of the nouveau to come.
The table and the lamp are roughly the same period.
The table is a side table has what would be described as barley twist legs and is likely made from maple or perhaps ash. Usually that sort of table was oak but the barley twist is hard to do in oak it splits.
The lamp may be all sorts of things! Can you find a name on it anywhere? Is it decorated on the glass with brass filagree? Does the base appear to be bronze?
Do NOT attempt to clean or polish the lamp.
Very nice things...I hope you love them.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: nouveau lamps

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Fori is not pleased

She had excellent taste. I'm full of helpful information, aren't I? :)

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Here are some more pics of the lamp. Closer to see detail. It is bronze and VERY heavy... which is good because the lampshade is also very heavy.

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Can you find a maker's mark?
I'm far from an expert on art nouveau lamps....just know enough to be dangerous....LOL!
But I think you should find someone who knows and figure out what you have...I suspect that's a very special lamp.
Linda C

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I am sure the shade can be removed by unscrewing the top and carefully removing the shade and setting it down on the sofa. You can then look at the base to determine any markings. Depending on what you have, certain makers such as Tiffany, have seen lamps go well into six figures at auction.

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Definitely Art Nouveau lamp and VERY pretty. To find makers marks you usually have to go over every inch of the less conspicuous places of the base and shade with a magnifying glass in good light.

The small table is a type that was very popular from about 18990 through the 1920s. They had a resurgence in the 1970s/80s as "Country" went mainstream.

Sofa???? I have seen ones that I knew were from the 1930s that were similar, ones from 1900-1910, and I could buy similar ones new today in a few places. My best guess, based on some details of the carving, is 1900-1920.

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It's definitely a slag glass shade.

Here is a link that might be useful: example of slag glass lamp

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Thanks so much for all the help.

The lamp was the only part of her estate I ever wanted. It was in her front entry all my life. After seeing her, it was the first thing I saw with every visit. The other items are mine because no one else wanted them.

The couch and chair need respringing because my uncle sat in them when he was near 400 lbs. (He is now 200 lbs). I'm considering selling them as they are. My wife has stubbed her toes on the woodwork repeatedly and despises them LOL. I just don't know what they should sell for.

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She would never make it in our house. Legs every where. Suspect your well worn furniture will not bring much. Do you have a consignment shop near by? Try listing on craigslist but will require you to set a price. I'm thinking $200-$300 for the sofa.

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Sofa plus matching chair from that era doesn't show up that often. Except that I have a set from my MIL just now that I'm working on finding a home for, I really don't see sets too often. Couches alone, yes.

In sagging condition, I agree with redhead on the sofa price, maybe add half again for the chair. But it depends on how fast you want to get rid of it - cheap enough, anything sells fast (try the free listings if you don't believe me). If not in a hurry, try a little higher, maybe $550, and you could put an OBO on it. But you may in the end get much less.

As for stubbing toes, yes, what is it about these antiques that causes that? I do it on my other old couch too. For some reason they made the legs protrude a little. It does reduce the charm!!


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