ID for porcelain mark

lascatxAugust 6, 2012

I am trying to identify this mark on what I believe is an old German porcelain piece. I know it's not that dark or clear, but it's all I have. Thanks.

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How about a picture of the whole piece?

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I have been looking until I can't look any more. It looks like an A or V with a loop on the inside. I found a French VP but that was the P on the outside of the V rather than the inside. I had been thinking they were probably German. They look a lot like Von Scheirholz, but the mark doesn't match up with anything I've seen.

This is on a piece given to my grandmother by my grandfather when my mother was young.

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Oh!! MY!!!! I was picturing a rough stone ware bowl from the first pictures!!!

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calliope too. Quite lovely, isn't it?

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