Returned 10 pallets of retaining wall block on Friday!

kimmers71May 8, 2005

The driver was not happy with me!

He had three off the trailer and put in their spot. I'm looking at these things going "What the heck are they?" "Where's the front?" They were two and a half feet long! They're only supposed to be 12" wide! How the heck am I supposed to turn a corner with these? They weighed darn near 100 lbs! So I tell the driver, don't take any more off the truck and call the salesman. He's not in, talk to a different, very nice man. He says you need to split them in half with a chisel. WHAT???? I say "You have got to be kidding me." I was in tears, I was so upset. No one told me this! So I need to pick out different block for the retaining wall. Something I don't have to break apart!! Why me.

The trench has been dug for 3 freakin' weeks. I want the darn wall in!!

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Who ordered the blocks? We ordered some and they were 12" wide. Sorry you're having trouble, kimmers.

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Sophie Wheeler

All landscape blocks will need some chiseling to intall, even if it's just the bottom or top course. I can understand you not wanting to deal with 100 lb. blocks though.

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I'm having Just-Get-the-Dang-Wall-In-Syndrome, too. I think I might implode if it was delivered and had to be sent back. What are you using?

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allison - I ordered the blocks but had no idea they were double units. It was never explained to me.

Darcy - They were Unilock's Pisa II blocks. It looks like the Roman Pisa are sold in single units and this may be what I get instead.

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Did you ever finish the wall?

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