Tooth whitener for crowns/caps

iso4funJuly 18, 2006

Has anyone tried any over the counter whiteners for crowns or caps?

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My dentist told me that crowns are not affected by whiteners, so the natural teeth would be whitened but artificials would not. So I guess it depends where crowns are in your mouth, whether they show or not when you smile or talk, to help decide if you want to use a whitener.

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I've been dealing with this same issue. My two front teeth are veneers, so I can't whiten the rest of my teeth or they won't match. I've wanted to whiten for around 5 years now. The last time I went to the dentist though, my veneers were starting to crack and the dentist recommended replacing them --they are about 10 years old. Anyway, since they need replacing, insurance will now cover the cost. My plan is to whiten the rest of my teeth and then get new veneers to match. I just dread the in between time when my 2 front teeth are brown and the rest are sparkling white! Ask your dentist if he can replace your crowns/caps and go from there. Good luck!

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Gosmile whitened my bonded teeth back to their original color and look nice and white. There are two sellers on ebay who sell the kits in a cello bag very cheap. Good luck!

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My dentist wants me to whiten with trays over a weekend (3 days actually), then put veneers on the front tooth which currently has bonding that's about 20 years old and yellowed. The whitening system costs $235 just to give an idea of price. We haven't priced the veneers. I want to get a second opinion. Insurance covers zip. It's considered cosmetic.

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Jannie, I had my two front teeth bonded with porcelin veneers recently, to the tune of about $850 per tooth. And insurance convered $0.

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I had my top 6 teeth bonded 18 yrs ago, to correct gaps, etc. Back then they didn't offer the types of teeth bleaching that we have today. My bonding is now dull and not as white as my other teeth, now.
I have been using the Night White systen from my dentist for several months (off and on). My bonded teeth did get alittle lighter, probably got rid of the coffee/coke stains. They are still yellower than my other whitened teeth. I want to replace them with porcelin veneers but that will cost abot $5000.
I've informed my husband that as soon as one of theses bondings chips or cracks then I will replace them with the veneers (sooner I hope).

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Also, be sure that your other teeth get whitened to a shade that you want to stay with. I'm not sure if only 3 days will do that. You want the veneers to match your other teeth and for all of them to be as white as they can. Once you get the veneers on, they will never get any whiter.

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I asked my dentist (who also happens to be a personal friend) to whiten my teeth. She said she would be happy to but told me that Crest White strips used regularly would do the same thing. I tried it and have been very happy with the results. I tried cheaper whitening strips but none seem to be as good as the Crest strips.

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I tried the crest whitening strips and was very disappointed. My teath are irregular and the strip did not adhere well to my teeth. it whitened a strip in the middle of each tooth only.

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hi when i was younger i broke my left tooth in half, and got it filled in... i was just wondering if if it can whiten or not???
or if its something i have to get redone?

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I would like to know what it would cost for 12 replacement caps and teeth whitening for 4 teeth (only original teeth) also cost for my wife to have all teeth whitened.
Thank you,
Allen Houser

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i like your blog post, thanks for sharing information

Here is a link that might be useful: Crest White strips

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