Eastlake Headboard

antiquefeverAugust 16, 2010

I am having trouble submitting a photo to the gallery. Has anyone tried with success? I would love to find out what to do.


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We don't have a gallery section on the antiques forum. It would be most handy and probably more so than on the other forums. Which gallery were you trying to submit it to? The is a size restriction (bytes) on the GW in general of 60K I think. Most of us use a web-based photo repository, most of them are free, like photobucket. That will put your picture right into the text with an html tag. If you already have it on a website, you can just put the url in the box where it says to, and then give it a name and we can click on it.

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Thanks so much for the tip about Photobucket. I am adding the pictures of the headboard. I have been searching for the medallions, but have not been successful in finding them. I would love to have a suggestion about where to look.
Thanks for your help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Antique Eastlake Style Headboard and Mirror

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Your account isn't logged in so we can't see your pictures.

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There are several ways to get it on here, but the easiest for you, until you get used to assigning html tags is just to do this. Go to photobucket and click on the picture you want to share with us. Go to your browser address bar on top and copy the address on it. Post a response to your thread on the GW, go to the box beneath it where it says optional Link URL and paste that address. Then go to the next box below it and type in a name for that file, like headboard and then hit preview message and then hit submit. We can then just click the links to view only the picture you want us to see.

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I tried the html and the photo was not in the text. Is there another way to do that? It's nicer to have the photo right there without having to make people click again, I think, but I cannot figure out how to do it using Photobucket. I'd appreciate any help available.

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The photo won't be in the text, until you go to the preview message screen, and then it should be. Then you hit submit.

I'll walk you through it, and see if you are doing what I'm doing. Go to your photobucket account. Find the picture you want to put in your message. Double click it to bring it up by itself. Go to the left hand side of the page your photo is on. There are four boxes under the title "Share your image". Double click the one saying html code. A little yellow box should come up saying the code is copied.

"a href="http://s132.photobucket.com/albums/q8/calliope07/?action=view&current=may2010022.jpg" target="_blank">">>

I have put brackets around the carats so you can see the code. If I didn't.......all you would see is the picture. When your code comes up the brackets won't be there and it'll magically turn into a picture in the next screen.

Post to a thread and in the message section, hit right click your mouse to paste the code where you want the picture to be. Alls you will see is a bunch of code. You will not see a picture yet. This is normal and not a mistake. Hit the preview message button under the message box. You should be able to see your embedded picture then.

If you do, hit submit.

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Here is a link that might be useful:

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I must be doing something wrong still. Thanks for trying, Calliope.

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You need to paste the HTML code into the body of your message here, not into the link boxes below.

The other way to find the HTML code in photobucket is to click on the "Share" button. That will give the chance to click on a tab called "get link code."

Get the HTML code for the full-size photo, and paste it in - again, to the body of your message, where you type your words.

And as Calliope says, when you hit "preview message," your photo should appear. If it doesn't, don't bother hitting submit, just try again.


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